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October Airport Restaurant Month 2016

HMSHost Airport Restaurant Month

HMSHost Airport Restaurant Month

This week we’ll be covering October Airport Restaurant Month returning to an airport near you. Last week we wrote about the DEN Oktoberfest beer tent coming back to the airport, and this week’s October Airport Restaurant Month blog extends the foodie theme one step further. This year’s October Airport Restaurant Month will also be at DEN, in case you’re looking for another #layovertip after you check out the beer tent. You can follow the conversation on Twitter through the hashtag #AirportRestaurantMonth, and participate in person October 1 – 31 this year.

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DEN Beer Garden – it’s back!

DEN Airport logo - DEN beer gardenJust in time for the Great American Beer Festival AND Oktoberfest, DEN Airport unveils it’s annual tradition – the DEN Beer Garden! For the third year, from September 30 – October 10, 2016, you will be able gain admission for $10. In exchange, you will get get a souvenir glass and 10 2oz samples (Beer Flights) from a variety of Colorado breweries at the DEN beer garden.

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Aircraft Paint Jobs – Top 5 Best Liveries

For this week’s blog, we’ve decided to roll-up the commercial aviation industry’s best aircraft paint jobs. More and more airlines are using their planes’ exteriors as yet another means of marketing and brand expression. Some are serious and iconic, like American Airlines’ new livery, and some are more playful, like Air New Zealand’s “The Hobbit” themed aircraft paint jobs, and All Nippon Airlines rendering of Pokemon Go on its exterior. This is the next wave of airline/aviation marketing after the latest foray into novel, cool, and sometimes downright hilarious in-flight safety videos (like Delta’s “find the meme” video”).

Here’s our favorite five best aircraft paint jobs in the industry over the course of the last five years – tweet us if you’ve flown in any of these planes (#picturestoproveit)!

  1. Air New Zealand (NZ). Arguable my personal favorite since it’s a continuance of the Lord of the Rings theme that NZ has taken on over the years, this “The Hobbit” themed Boeing 777-300 livery is probably my top pick for best aircraft paint jobs. Even though it debuted in 2012, it is still arguable one of the best. NZ’s cohesive brand marketing and associating with the Lord of the Rings dynasty was a bold move to encourage travelers to get out and tour New Zealand. A wonderful example of destination marketing partnering with an airline.

    Best aircraft paint job

    Air NZ – Best aircraft paint job. Photo: Brandon Farris /

  2. Kulula Airways. We rank Kulula’s “Flying 101” livery as one of our top picks of best aircraft paint jobs for use of humor and risk-taking. This plane was apparently designed in-house by Kulula’s graphic design team as part of the airline’s greater strategy to demystify air travel. You can learn more about it here.

    Kulula Airlines has one of the best aircraft paint jobs

    Kulula Airlines has one of the best aircraft paint jobs

  3. All Nippon Airways. NH had a grand plan to piggyback off of the success of Pokemon and launch a livery under the brand Pokemon Jet. The airline even has an official website that details the various Pokemon-themed aircraft paint jobs and characteristics.
  4. GOL. Brazil’s Low-Cost Carrier G3 put together a creative and football (soccer) themed Boeing 737 livery with aircraft paint jobs focusing on the World Cup. The carrier was also named the official transport for the Brazilian national football team. The exterior was creating with the help of local street artists Os Gêmeos painting portraits representing the people of Brazil.

    GOL - World Cup themed aircraft paint jobs

    GOL – World Cup themed aircraft paint jobs. Photo courtesy of CNN

  5. Norwegian Airlines (DY).  Although not out yet, DY plans to unveil a Roald Dahl tail-fin “hero” on its Boeing 737-800 planes later this year. Roald Dahl, while not Norwegian (he’s British), is of Norwegian descent. He is famous for writing children’s classics like James and the Giant Peach as well Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl was also an aviator. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch for association, but it’s still cool either way. According to Norwegian Airlines:

    Roald Dahl is widely regarded as the world’s number one storyteller. Many elements of his universally-loved stories are said to have roots in the Norwegian tales that he heard from his family and from visits to Norway as a child

Well, those are tripchi’s top 5 best aircraft paint jobs. As always, feel free to leave a comment and let us know if we’re missing one. Or, tweet us @tripchi with some pictures of you with your favorite aircraft paint job. Keep calm and fly on!

Airport napping pods – now at AUH

If you’ve been traveling a lot lately, you may have noticed a recent airport trend where you can grab Zzz’s in airport napping pods.

Westin Denver Airport Hotel

Westin Denver Airport Hotel

Checking in to an airport hotel is one way to catch some zzz’s in between flights. But, this method has been around for decades. Check out this tripchi blog where we discuss the opening, for example, of the latest DEN Airport hotel. Other airports that feature airport hotels include DXB and Changi – airports outside of the US have actually been the most on the forefront when it comes to airport napping trends.

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Heathrow children’s activities

One of the best airport rewards program is the London Heathrow loyalty program. We are a member and also subscribe to its monthly newsletter that covers all the LHR #layovertips and airport happenings. In this month’s newsletter, LHR covered a slew of Heathrow children’s activities. A lot of readers ask us for advice traveling through airports with the kiddos, and especially are looking for children’s play areas or other kid-friendly activities to bide the time during a long layover.

Mr. Adventure - Heathrow's children activities

Mr. Adventure – Heathrow’s children activities

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Pokémon Go Airport Edition

Pokémon Go airport edition started to blow up several weeks ago, when airports realized it was a great way to engage their passenger base and incentivize guests to visit more spots in the airport. This blog rolls up all the ways you can play Pokémon Go airport edition.

Pokémon Go airport edition - Image via Corriere

Pokémon Go airport edition – All Nippon Airways tricked out with Pokémon. Image via Corriere

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Delta system meltdown

Today’s Delta system meltdown comes just weeks after the Southwest debacle, that led to the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights across the U.S. Technology problems are to blame in both circumstances.

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Devaluing Award Miles on Partner Flights

In the past year, we have a seen a glut of airlines devaluing award miles that we worked so hard to accumulate. Back in the day, award miles were a great way to fly for free, when miles often were worth more than dollars, and we could actually redeem them without paying more than $10 for processing. Alas, gone are those days of yore. This blog explores a scenario where airlines have been devaluing award miles in alliance conversion accrual, and what it means for the traveler. A follow on blog will explore the business motivations around why airlines do this, and the recent trend around airlines devaluing their own award miles in redemption scenarios.

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Jul 2016 tripchi airport app #traveltips

cropped-tripchi-copy_blog.jpgtripchi airport app newsletter – July 2016 #traveltips edition

Since last newsletter, we’ve been busy covering some of the latest #traveltips headlines in the travel industry – from US airlines vying for slots in Cuban airports, to full coverage of how TSA security lines got so bad (and what you can do about it).  So, we’ve decided to roll-up some of our latest and greatest #traveltips for your travel hacking pleasure this go round. And, you can read about even more summer travel happenings in our blog recap section at the bottom of this newsletter, which cover the following tops in even more detail.

  1. Summer travel forecast shows cheaper fares ahead. There are several market condition afoot that are leading to below average fares for the traveler, explained here. Nearly all carriers slashed prices for 4th of July airfare sales last week, and you have a few more days to take advantage. We’ve seen promo fares for flights in August/September 2016 as low as $29 (thanks Frontier Airlines!). #traveltips
  2. Beat the rush at Airport Security. With cheaper than ever fares, more people will be traveling this year. That means more crowds at the airport and longer lines at airport security. Luckily, we’ve rolled up the best #traveltips on beating those dreaded TSA lines here, so that you can spend more time taking in our #layovertips post-security. Keep calm and tripchi on.
  3. Start planning your trip to Cuba from the US. Yes, seriously! As early as the fall, US airlines will start flying routes to Cuba (Havana, as well as smaller markets on the island nation). In May 2016, a deal was announced between the US and Cuba to open up 110 flights to Cuba on U.S. airlines. We have 9 airlines on our list so far and counting. Start making your travel plans to Cuba this winter now (even though you can’t quite book your travel on the US airlines yet).

You will be thanking us for these #traveltips later 🙂

SNA #traveltips

Airport of the month Club. This month’s airport of the month is John Wayne International Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, California. We recommend flying through SNA whenever possible (#traveltips) to avoid LAX (which we covered as the featured airport in our last newsletter). SNA is new, clean, convenient, upscale, and fun…while LAX is, well, LAX. There’s plenty of locally-themed dining to be had at SNA, from surf shack Hobie’s (try the fish tacos!) to the Anaheim Ducks Breakaway Bar & Grill (the lettuce wraps were a lot better than they sounded!) to posher options like Javi’s (which claims to “Award Winning” airport dining). While shopping still leaves a little to be desired, there are plenty of other way to kill time, such as viewing the airport art (look up!) and Anaheim Angels display cases, SNA is now available for your to start using here on the tripchi airport app.

If you’re looking for a #layovertip or dining or shopping options during that long(er) layover, of course you can bring up the tripchi airport app and find a listing of what’s around you based on your flight time andthe Concourse you’re leaving from. If you’re passing through any of the airports we cover, we’d love to get your feedback! Find these tips and more on the tripchi airport app.

New to the tripchi airport app community? tripchi is your passport to explore the airport. We roll up dining and shopping options, charging stations, as well as airport art, airport secrets and #layovertips. And, you can browse lounges, find special deals and offers, and track your flight information. It’s now available on the Android through this direct download (click here), and will be on the Google Play store soon. For all you iPhone users out there, our plan is to roll the tripchi airport app out on the iTunes store next.

We’re currently looking for feedback on the Android app (send us an email at

How can you help?

  1. In the aviation industry? Pass your airport connections our way? We are looking at running a limited trial to prove that we can help not only airport guests, but also airports.
  2. Flying soon? We need your help to source more and better airport content. If you’d like to write for us or contribute your airport findings, shoot us an email:

Read on for the monthly blog highlights!

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Airports Celebrating Independence Day 2016

We are delighted to see the patriotic spirit lives on as airlines and airports celebrating Independence Day 2016 continue with gusto. If you flew through the following airports, you might have noticed a celebration or two. At least you might have seen some patriotic signage. Although we’ve noticed airports celebrating Independence Day 2016 were markedly less than last year – hip hip hooray for the ones that got in the spirit this past weekend. Here’s a list of airports that had special celebrations. And, a special shout out to Harriet Baskas for rolling up a few of these.

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